About Us

e-Waste, is an R2/ISO 14001:2004 certified end-of-life, technology waste management company. We assist our clients in the recycling of their outdated technology assets in a safe, secure, and responsible manner. e-Waste has the depth of experience and breadth of capabilities to effectively dispose of your end-of-life assets, mitigate your risks for SOX404, HIPAA, and EPA requirements and deliver satisfactory ROI.

We provide your organization with a consistent and controlled process that takes into consideration diverse corporate cultures and locations.

e‐Waste, LLC has developed a comprehensive electronic waste recycling, liquidation and revenue sharing program that address all corporation’s core requirements. Compliance and indemnification are at the core of the e‐Waste program.  We ensure management that their customers are protected against any downstream violations.  The e‐Waste program provides years of vendor experience and a track record of project and logistic management that will ease the uncertainties of dealing with electronic waste decisions.

Our experts help to determine the most cost-effective methods to pack and transport your assets from one or more sites, using any of several large, reliable shipping companies in the United States.

With an acute awareness of the financial, logistical and legal burdens associated with disposing of large quantities of retired IT assets, e-Waste delivers a complete audit report, insured certificate of destruction, and letter of indemnification – verifying that data erasure or destruction of your data has been performed and disposal of remaining content is compliant with all sensitive information and environmental regulations.

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