Asset recovery is vital for companies that are looking for a return of investment on their technology equipment, partners who are looking to edge out the competition, or retailers who are looking to recoup cost associated with customer returns. e-Waste has a solution that is both practical and logical.

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The corporate buyback program is designed for companies to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as provide return of their investment (ROI). e-Waste’s corporate buyback program also reduces cost of the purchase of new equipment.


  1. Exceed Budget Constraints
  2. Reduce Cost of New Equipment
  3. Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint
  4. Compliant to Local, State, and Federal Regulations
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The partnership buyback program enables OEMs and VARs to offer their clients monetary rebates for technology trade-ins.  Credits earned from rebates can be used for the purchase of new products or services.


  1. Sales Differentiators on RFP/RFQ’s
  2. Offer Clients “Cradle-to-Grave” Solution
  3. Eliminate Price Inceptions
  4. Maintain/Increase Profit Margins
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Our consumer returns program is designed to manage and facilitate customer returns, excess/overstock inventory, shelf pulls, and outdated products from retailers and manufactures.


  1. Slash Store-Level Processing
  2. Maximize Value of Return Goods
  3. Optimize Recovery and Inventory Space
  4. Reduce Write-Offs
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Please Note: All buyback programs include Auditing, Testing, Reporting, Data Eradication, and Insured Certificate of Indemnification for your assurance and protection.